Small Painting Robot Cell Systems


High-quality painting package easily automates painting of large, complex workpieces

A long arm with a table pitch of 2600 mm enables high-efficiency automation of painting for large and complex workpieces. An independent tilted axis added to each table can build higher quality and cleaner paint lines with faster workpiece transfer and reduced paint splashing.

Positions workpieces to the optimum orientation for robots to paint using rotation-axis and tilted-axis operations Arms with rotation and tilted axes can place workpieces to the optimum orientation for painting.
All axes can be controlled independently to change the orientation of workpieces during transfer as well as painting.
This feature can be used to build a compact booth.

  • Controlling the orientation during transfer (arm rotation)
    for a more compact design with faster operation

  • Compact, flexible equipment
  • High-quality painting that keeps the booth clean
  • Safety and orientation control on unloading side
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