MH900 Large-Reach, Heavy Payload Robot

The MH900 is a heavy-duty robot for handling large castings and weldments. Its wide work envelope and high moment and inertia ratings make this robot ideal for handling a variety of large, heavy parts. The MH900 also features enhanced safety with control reliable software for guarding (FSU).

Technical Details
Controlled Axes6
Payload9,00 kg
Max Working Range4,683 mm
Repeatability0.05 mm
Weight9,550 kg
Power Supply35 KVA
S Axis (Maximum Speed)45 º/sec
L Axis (Maximum Speed)30 º/sec
U Axis (Maximum Speed)30 º/sec
R Axis (Maximum Speed)36 º/sec
B Axis (Maximum Speed)37 º/sec
T Axis (Maximum Speed)70 º/sec
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