Slim Dual-Arm Robot

The SDA10F is a dual-arm, 15-axis robot with incredible dexterity, freedom of movement in a compact footprint. Both arms can work together dramatically simplifying end-of-arm tooling. Designed with patented servo actuators, all cables are routed through the arms. The FS100 is a powerful controller with unmatched open software architecture. Superior dexterity and best-in-class wrist characteristics make this slim, dual-arm robot ideally suited for assembly, part transfer, machine tending, packaging and other handling tasks that formerly could only be done by people. 

Technical Details
Controlled Axes15
Payload10 kg
Max Working Range1970 mm
Repeatability0.1 mm
Weight220 kg
Power Supply2.7 KVA
S Axis (Maximum Speed)170 º/sec
L Axis (Maximum Speed)170 º/sec
U Axis (Maximum Speed)170 º/sec
R Axis (Maximum Speed)200 º/sec
B Axis (Maximum Speed)200 º/sec
T Axis (Maximum Speed)400 º/sec
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