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     YASKAWA ELECTRIC (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is 100% held by Yaskawa Electric Corporation Japan. In 1976, Yaskawa was established in Singapore as a representative office of Yaskawa Electric Corporation. It was the first Yaskawa's office in southeast Asia.
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         - AC Servo Drive
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AC Drive A1000  

1. Motor Drive Performance Leading The Pack

  • The most advance drive technology
  • Positioning Capability without External Devices
  • Cutting-Edge Torque Characteristics
  • Loaded with Auto-Tuning Features
  • Smooth Operation
  • Tackling Power Loss and Recovery

2. The Drive for a Greener World

  • Energy-Saving
  • Environmental Features

3. Transforming the Application Installation with Unparalleled Performance

  • Even More and More Compact
  • Customize Your Drive
  • Breeze-Easy Setup
  • Variety of Braking Functions
  • All Major Serial Communications Products
  • Long Life Performance
  • Easy Maintenance

AC Drive A1000
   AC Drive A1000...

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