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     YASKAWA ELECTRIC (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is 100% held by Yaskawa Electric Corporation Japan. In 1976, Yaskawa was established in Singapore as a representative office of Yaskawa Electric Corporation. It was the first Yaskawa's office in southeast Asia.
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AC Servo Drive Sigma-II  

AC Servo Drive Sigma-II

The E-II will increase your production and take your machine's potential to its highest performance ever. Its outstanding rapid response is achieved with a 1/3 settling time due to 1/2 CPU operation time and upgraded new control algorithms

Feature 1
High Performance- Shortened Settling Time

  • The upgraded control algorithms have enhanced controls against vibration, such as the model follow-up control and the vibration suppression control
  • Position settling time can be reduced to a third of conventional models, even if your machine is not rigid

High Speed/Highly Accurate Drives

  • Speeds up to 5000 mirilare available (Models SGMAH/SGMPH/SGMSH)
  • A high-resolution serial encode (16,17 bits) has been used to improve positioning accuracy. Alos the d-q current vector control system improves torque control accuracy (repeatability) from t5% to ±2%.

Smooth Operation
Speed observer control reduces motor speed ripple. Operation is smooth at low speeds.

Feature 2
Easy Setup - Online Autotuning

  • Automatically adjusts to machine characteristics and sets speed feedback servo gains.
  • No need for troublesome adjustments
  • Speed reference Automatic Motor Discrimination Function. The ServoPack automatically discriminates the servomotor capacity and type and automatically sets motor parameters.

Regenerative Resistor Connection Terminals
A Regenerative resistor can be connected easily due to standardization of regenerative resistor connection terminals for external mounting.

Feature 3
Easy Maintenance - Isolated Main and control Circuit Power Supplies

  • The power supplies for the main and control circuits are isolated from each other for easy maintenance. If an alarm occurs only the main circuit is shut down.
  • Parameter Setting Device Built In
  • Enables direct parameter inputs from the SERVOPACK
  • Reduced Wiring
  • Adoption of a serial encoder reduces the number of wires by half. Absolute encoder: 15 to 7 wires
  • Incremental encoder: 9 to 5 wires

Feature 4
Flexible- All-in-one Design

  • Can be used for control of torque, positions, or speeds by merely switching the appropriate parameters.
  • Support for Wide Range of Motor Specifications including motors with brakes, gears, or absolute encoders. Choose motors according to your application

Feature 5
Reliable International Standards

  • Full conformance to CE marking, UL, and cUL,RoHS Compliance.(SGMAH,SGMPH Servomotors; SGDM SERVOPACK 0.03kW to 7.5kW)

Environmental Resistance (Servomotors)

  • Enhanced Protective Enclosure: Complies with IP55 standard (Model SGMAH).
  • Enhanced Vibration Resistance: Safe for vibration acceleration up to 5 G (Models SGMAH, SGMPH).

AC Servo Drive Sigma-II
   AC Servo Drive Sigma...

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