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Varispeed AC Inverter  

World’s First Matrix Converter

  • When connected to the MxC, nine bi-directional switches make it possible to create variable voltage and variable frequency directly from  a 3-phase AC power supply.
  • Very different from a conventional inverter drive, the MxC has a simple, efficient design, and doesn't use diodes and capacitors found in an inverter DC bus.
  • It solves the problems with harmonic distortion caused by capacitors as they charge and discharge.
  • Because current flows both ways through the MxC, power generated on the motor side during deceleration (regenerative power) gets sent back to the power supply, and can be used again by other devices.

Product and Goals

  • Inverter drives are appearing more and more in HVAC, pump, and various applications thanks to their impressive energy saving capabilities.
  • Despite rising popularity, there is still concern for problems with power supply harmonic distortion as well as power circuits for regenerating energy.
  • Yaskawa offers a technologically advanced solution in a perfectly compact package. The latest technological needs in the field of power electronics are fulfilled with the world’s first new Matrix Converter, converting AC directly into AC and loaded with Yaskawa ingenuity.

Product Line-Up

General Name: Matrix Converter (MxC)

  • Product Name: Varispeed AC
  • Model: CIMR-ACA----
  • Product Line:
    200 V class:
    5.5, 11, 22, 45 kW
    400 V class:
    5.5, 11, 22 , 45 , 75 kW

MxC is perfect for applications requiring extensive braking power and for applications in which power supply harmonics are a concern.

  • HVAC, water supply pump
  • Varispeed applications in hospitals, schools, and office buildings where harmonic distortion disturbs the environment.
  • Crane, elevator, escalator
  • Applications with frequent starting and stopping and hoist-type applications with large amounts of regeneration.
  • Centrifuge
  • Applications with long periods of regeneration when decelerating a high inertia load to stop.


  • Power supply free of harmonic distortion Input current is a sine wave
  • The MxC easily satisfies harmonic guidelines because it lacks the current distortion caused by charging and is charging capacitors typical in inverter drives
  • Reduced power supply capacity requirements thanks to an almost unity power factor. Comparing the input waveform with a conventional inverter drive


Varispeed AC Inverter

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