6-axes human-collaborative robot with 6 integrated sensors


Human-Collaborative robots for the Food- and Pharma Industry

MOTOMAN HC10DTF (F10, F13) are 6 axes human-collaborative robots with a payload of up to 10 kg. Complying to EN 60529-IP67, they are dust and waterproof protected to operate in harsh environments.

Protection class IP67 for Food Grade Grease and ISO class 5 allow the robot to be used in food related applications in packaging applications, as well as in the Pharma Industry.

The robot arm can be hand guided by an operator and robot positions and gripper operation can be registered via “Teach” and “Tool” buttons. These features offer time saving during the robot programming. The robot’s arm geometry was designed to avoid pinch points (finger) and provides internal wiring options (Air (-F10) or Ethernet (-F13).

 • Suitable for packaging of food and for the pharma industry
 • Chemical proof surface for powerful cleaning
 • Safety standards – applications for industrial robots: ISO 10218-1
    (5.10.5 Power and Force Limiting)
 • Complies to ISO TS 15066 (collaborative robotics) and ISO 14644
    (Cleanroom class 5)
 • Safety functions industrial robot controller: ISO 13849-1, PLd, Cat. 3
 • Easy teaching: Move the robot arm directly via hand guiding function
    with Smart Pendant or common robot Teach Pendant
 • This robot conforms to IP67:
   o Protection from the entry of dust
   o Protection from immersion in water with being submerged for
      a specified duration and pressure

Technical Details
Controlled Axes6
Payload10 kg
Max Working Range1200 mm
Repeatability0.05 mm
Weight58 kg
Power Supply1 KVA
S Axis130 º/sec
L Axis130 º/sec
U Axis180 º/sec
R Axis180 º/sec
B Axis250 º/sec
T Axis250 º/sec
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