HVAC and Building Automation

HVAC and Building Automation

Yaskawa is the largest global variable frequency drives manufacturer with over 30 years of Building Automation System (BAS) and HVAC experience. Our variable frequency drives are designed for HVAC applications, which include air handlers, cooling towers, and pumps, by combining reduced size and cost with advances in performance and quality. Because every variable frequency drive (VFD) is rigorously tested, Yaskawa ensures that quality and reliability are designed and built in.

 Industry experience with exceptional design.
• Reduce energy use and improve system efficiency.
• Easy to install and simple maintenance.
• Easy to commission.
• Precise motor control will result in less mechanical and electrical stress on the system.
• Reductions of excess capacities at peak periods.
• Reduction or elimination of demand charges.
• Improvement in power factor.
• Total control and monitoring via the facility’s preferred communication protocol.
• Soft Starting eliminates stress on equipment that historically was started or connected
  across-the-line, including fan belts, compressors and pumps.

• Trimming the impellers on pumps may be eliminated. Water hammering will be eliminated.
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