Shelf-Mounted Spot Welding Robot

Designed for exceptional spot welding performance, the six-axis SP150R shelf-mounted robot offers incredibly quick axis speeds and acceleration capabilities to reduce air-cut time. The SP150R robot features a slim profile to facilitate reaching into tight spaces and close proximity placement of robots for high-density layouts, and it has high moment and inertia ratings for accommodating a wide range of spot guns and other end-of-arm tooling. While optimized servo gun and DC timer technology help to increase quality and productivity, spot monitoring and waveform graphing help to monitor and troubleshoot welding conditions. Engineered with a wide wrist motion range for increased application flexibility, the SP150R enables simplified programming for complicated parts.

Technical Details
Controlled Axes6
Payload150 kg
Max Working Range3,140 mm
Repeatability0.2 mm
Weight1,820 kg
Power Supply5 KVA
S Axis (Maximum Speed)105 º/sec
L Axis (Maximum Speed)105 º/sec
U Axis (Maximum Speed)105 º/sec
R Axis (Maximum Speed)175 º/sec
B Axis (Maximum Speed)150 º/sec
T Axis (Maximum Speed)240 º/sec
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