Super Energy Saving


Super Energy Saving Medium Voltage AC Drive

The FSDrive-MV1000 is Yaskawa's latest medium-voltage AC drive with multi-outputs connected in series.

The world's smallest dimensions have been achieved with a simplified main circuit configuration. The drive includes many features such as stable continuous operations and the industry's highest level of energy savings. The lineup covers input/output voltages from 2.4 kV to 11 kV, and meets the world's major standards.

• Minimal Height and Small Footprint

• Maintenance of Individual Power Cells

• Employs Open Loop Vector Control. Highly Resistant to Fluctuations in Power Supply and Load

• Minimized Harmonics Comply with Guidelines

• High Efficiency and High Power Factor

• Energy Saving by Speed Control

• Easy-to-use User Interfaces

• Compatible with World’s Major Field Network Protocols


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