Privacy Policy

Last modified: April 25, 2019

YASKAWA has set up a privacy policy as our guidelines in handling personal information.

We abide by this privacy policy in handling personal information on this website.

We use personal information, including information on customers, personnel of affiliated companies including group companies, and employees of YASKAWA to facilitate business processes. We recognize that the protection of personal information (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") is an important responsibility, and will handle personal information according to the following privacy policy to fulfill this responsibility.

1.We abide by laws and other legal imperatives related to and applied to personal information, and handle personal information in a proper manner by following customary practices that are generally accepted in the handling of personal information. We will also make an effort to improve the way we handle personal information accordingly.

2.We define rules in handling personal information and keep employees informed of the rules. We request that our affiliated companies also handle personal information in a proper manner.

3.We give notification or make public the purpose for obtaining personal information when obtaining the information and use it exclusively for that purpose.

4.We implement measures necessary to prevent leak, loss, or falsification (i.e. information changed by a third person) of personal information, and manage personal information in proper manner.

5.We accept requests made by the person whose personal information is in question for disclosure, correction, deletion, or termination of use of the personal information, through the designated communication window, and process each request with good faith.

Purposes of using personal information are as follows:

1.for sending information about products and services by mail, fax, or e-mail.

2.for applications for seminars on products, and communications related to the seminars.

3.for improvement of products and services, and development of new products and services.

Disclosure of Personal Information to third parties

We do not provide a customer's personal information to third parties without the customer's consent, except the following cases.

1.where we have customer's consent.

2.where personal information is disclosed or provided to a third party in a manner, such as statistical data, by which individuals cannot be identified.

3.where disclosure and provision of personal information is demanded by law or other legal imperatives.

4.where our cooperation with a third party is required because disclosure and provision of the personal information is necessary to protect human life or property, or to keep someone out of harm's way, and where obtaining customer's consent may affect the handling of the relevant matter.

5.where we entrust the handling of a customer's personal information to an affiliated company or representative office of YASKAWA to meet the purpose of customer and where it is considered to be needed by the affiliated company or the representative office to respond to questions from the customer or provide follow-up support to the customer.